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Mr.Bean Mr.Bean

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Gotta digg that detail!

Irina Sheik Irina Sheik

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And what are you doing posting a half-naked woman on NG who happens to be MARRIED?

Leslie Nielsen Leslie Nielsen

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Hmmmm. Let me see if I can get this right;

You used oil-based paint with a little bit of pencil work OR you used some tempera and some pencil work as well (might have misspelled that...)

MinioN99 responds:

This is pure digital - photoshop work.No pencil,no oil,no tempera.

"Prossess" "Prossess"

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Did you use prismacolor?
That's what I used at art school (graduated =])

We made self portraits and had an exposition.
It went nicely.

So?? Did you use prisma or did you combine?

beastkid7 responds:

I used prismacolor yes ...tho I have to admit I did sneak in a little Crayola's for the colors my teacher didn't have.

I should be going to art school soon -maybe I not ready sinor year just smashed me with a butt load of responsibility. gggrrrr. :(

jack in trouble jack in trouble

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This is amazing.
What technique did you use?
This is ART

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This is acrylic! This is acrylic!

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I loooove 300 and to see this is totaly awesome.
I'm an artist, more like graffiti art, urban style and a regular technique of 'Draw what you see', but this is really good.

Did you make this?

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WieldtheKey responds:

Thanks! Yeah as it says in the description it is acrylic paint. I just used a screencap for reference.