Mah art

2009-12-03 22:17:50 by loverdude1

Hey guys.

Just want to get it out there to check out my art.
I've decided to upload a few things that are on my computer.

I'm gonna be looking through my ext. Hard drive for more.

See ya later!

My Reggae track

2009-10-14 21:56:39 by loverdude1

If you find yourself in my Reggae music track (which I don't think you will) use some headphones so you can hear the base or use separate speakers with good base because you will not be able to hear it on conventional laptop speakers.

That's all.

Peace and love.
God bless.

My Reggae track

What the F#$%!

2009-08-27 21:48:51 by loverdude1

Alright I'm getting pissed about these medals!!

I keep playing games over and over, I get the medals, then I go to my account profile and I DON't F#$%^&G SEE THEM THERE!

My patience and skill is tested!!

New Track!

2009-07-02 10:37:55 by loverdude1


I've got my new track up on NG.
If you have a chance go check it out, if you like nice, relaxing music I know you will like this.


Smooth Waves

New Track!

Why such a low Score?

2009-02-05 20:54:42 by loverdude1

Why such a low score?
I don't know!? Maybe someone has a grudge on me for something and is zero-bombing my tracks.

What do you think?
Is it good or not? Does it deserve such a low score?


Am I or am I not?

2008-12-14 22:14:25 by loverdude1

Well it's been kinda bumpy.
Trying to make the best of my software.

Check out my new tracks. Specialy Gruge Metal Aggro. /194783

Oh and Don't drink and drive.

Am I or am I not?

It's official

2008-10-24 20:57:25 by loverdude1

I am no longer making ANY submissions to the Auido portal until further notice.

No softare=no music =[[[

Darn! Issues!

2008-09-30 11:58:56 by loverdude1

The Audio portal is going to have to wait.

I'm currently having software problems (trying to fix it!)
Music is going to have to be held for a while or two =[.

Just so ya know!

Audio Portal

2008-09-22 14:57:57 by loverdude1


Guess what?
I'm pretty much getting the hang of it.
Yeah! I'm making some pretty good audio submissions for a begginer.

I'll keep going and going.
But I need you to rate, criticise and vote on my projects.

Thanks guys!


What's up with the clocks??!!

2008-08-16 12:47:44 by loverdude1

What's up with the clocks in NewGrounds?

I know it's a long tradition and I respect that.
But users are spamming the flash portal with loads of clock flashes that are just useless.
You see 2-3 different authors with the same submission.

I've seen a number of good flash animation, but there are ones that are pointless and just boring.

What's the point of even submitting something that's so crappy?


Loverdude AKA Kevinyankee2